Well this might be true, since a player will win


 Then they merely chalk it up to experience  rs for gold   hope to get in the position to win again. This strategy, if you can call it one, is the "natural" way. Simply get in contention enough times and you're bound to win.I want to submit to you that the more times you are in contention and don't win that what you are doing is increasing the likelihood of losing again, not of making winning easier. Why is this?

Well this might be true, since a player will win eventually if they give themselves enough chances. Yet I am going to say something few, if any, coaches would say. For one reason they might lack this critical insight, and for another it's some serious tough love. Not the warm fuzzies that keep us feeling good about an area of our game that is in serious need of attention.

Because the negative associations that are stacked in your unconscious mind around not performing well under pressure will drive your behavior (your thought processes and your the swings you make under pressure). You will unconsciously reproduce the experience of losing that you are accustomed to.This a tough pill to swallow but if you want real and lasting change then mental preparation can save you months, and even years for some people, of needless inner turmoil around pressure, performance anxiety/competitive stress and its influence on your game.

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